We constantly strive to make every special event customized, successful and memorable because unlike other artists, we work hard to ENTERTAIN our guests. It’s a novel idea (a Revolution, if you will) to have an artist also be ENGAGING. For festivals, restaurant entertainment, open houses, private parties, corporate events, special promotions, holiday gatherings, sporting events, picnics, or family celebrations…we’re here to make it awesome for everyone.

The face designs that Revolution creates are captivating and one-of-a-kind. We have been teaching face painting for over 30 years for clown camps, clown alleys, kids’ camps and conventions all over the East Coast so we know our business. Peppermint creates the popular animal faces, monster creations, half face designs and also provides the latest glitter tattoos for guests who desire longer lasting patterns. Professional flash boards, kiosk, seating, signage, lighting, curtains and shelter can all be provided if needed at no extra charge. We also offer balloon sculptures for special occasions. Custom glitter and mica tattoos can be made at no additional charge for your event!

When a performance is booked, you work directly with the Owner. Deposits and contracts are encouraged and we are fully insured. References are given freely! Revolution works on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to book your event early!!!

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What to expect…Character!

When you hire Revolution Face Painting & Body Art, you will have an outgoing, lively and well-rounded performance from a seasoned professional.

Peppermint the Painter is our minimal makeup character for venues that are targeted to a broader aged audience. Although the same level of enthusiasm and talent is always a standard, the costuming for Peppermint is dressed professionally as a face paint artist and is noticeable without being obtrusive to other performances or performers nearby.

During the holidays, Revolution goes Halloween with our original storyteller, fortune teller and witch, Forsythia. Again, as versatile as you would have her be, Forsythia is a well-established character who was created for Boo at the Zoo and the NC Zoo’s Nightmare events and performed for eight seasons. She is a mix of the humor of The Addam’s Family’s Mama with the dramatic flair and sneakiness of Hocus Pocus’ Winifred. Add a delicious, flamboyant costume of green silk, black velvet and flaming red hair and Forsythia is our Halloween treat and approachable by all ages.

Finally, there is Mary Kringle. Christmas is not complete without the beautiful wife of Santa. Whereas some children may be apprehensive about meeting the Big Guy, Mary brings the Spirit of Christmas with her beautiful red velvet gown and special walk-around surprises to the youngest guests. She face paints holiday patterns, makes unique holiday balloon sculptures, provide holiday and event-specific glitter and mica tattoos, and adds comedy spice to every family or corporate holiday event.

All characters are available for birthday parties, too.

Notes/Technical Information

Our rates are based on where we’re going, what we’re doing, how many guests will be in attendance. Revolution books on a first come/first serve basis. Contracts and deposits are required for every event.

PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT PROVIDE COPYRIGHTED/TRADEMARKED COSTUMED CHARACTERS SUCH AS DISNEY PRINCESSES, SUPERHEROS, ETC. OR THEIR LIKENESSES unless they are a registered trademark character of Group W Bench, LLC. It is considered a copyright infringement to represent another company’s trademarked character and a performance artist and their hiring company can be sued. Thank you for understanding!